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The Farmers’ Markets and Family Festivals are constantly striving to make the markets better in a dynamic environment with products that are consistent within a Farmers Market.

The criteria for acceptance to the market are as follows:

  1. Products and vendor sales presentation that will enhance the Market.

  2. The number of items is limited accordingly to space availability & season.

  3. The quality and freshness of product.

  4. There is a waiting list for certain types of vendors and products.  When customer demand for these certain types of vendors and products increases, and allows more vendors to participate in the market, we will contact vendors who are on the waiting list.

  5. Ability of vendor to follow all procedures, rules, regulations and laws.

  6. According to the supply and demand of vendors and their products.

  7. According to what products are at each Market and what is needed.

The following order is the standard procedure of acceptance for vendors, which can be modified if supply of vendors, necessitates it:

  1. Application can be picked up at the market from the Market Information Booth or assistant manager between a half hour after the Market starts and a half hour before the Market ends; or received through e-mail by e-mailing and a reply will occur within 6 working days.

  2. Return completed application with certificate of insurance to us via: mail, e-mail, or drop it off to the Market Information Booth or with the assistant manager during opening hours of the Markets.

  3. Potential vendor makes an appointment with the Assistant Market Manager to present his/her complete line of products to the Assistant Market Manager for an evaluation to be done only by appointment during the Market open hours.

  4. Within two weeks from the date of application submittal, the acceptance committee group will decide if the product is acceptable accordingly to the above criteria. 

  5. If accepted, the vendor will be put on the waiting list or contacted within two weeks.  If there is no return call within two weeks, it means that the item has not been accepted or been put on the waiting list.

If and after acceptation, prior to set-up, participation, and operation the non-food vendor is required to get and have in his/her possession and available for inspection at any time a Resellers Permit from the State of California Board of Equalization and a white tent.  Each specific Market may require additional licenses, permits, certifications, etc.