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Coastal Pacific, LLC
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209 South Santa Cruz Street,
Ventura, CA 93001

Tel: (805) 643-6458
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About Us

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in each and everyone’s body system. Choosing a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits is a good practice to gain essential vitamins and minerals. Coastal Pacific Farmers’ Markets includes information concerning these fresh products that may contribute for your body’s fundamental needs.

Coastal Pacific Farmers’ Market features the community, farmers and their fresh produce of Southern California. Through this site, you can access a variety of information, including our events and a highlight of seasonal produce in each harvest season. We want you to discover and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by updating you with what is the best produce to shop for each period.

We promote a fruit and vegetarian lifestyle in order to enjoy our fresh quality foods. To accompany our mission, it is our pleasure to assure you that all our products are sold straight from the farmers’ harvest and direct to the market. We also in this way allow farmers to experience the opportunity of interacting with the community and enjoy the cream of their crop.

The Farmer’s Market has become an important avenue of allowing the community to meet and get to know – building a much stronger community. With this, is packaged an opportunity to interact, communicate and share education regarding a healthy living.


Our mission is to offer unique and wholesome produce and goods that is least processed and naturally preserved with no harmful chemicals or preservatives. With this, we aim to maintain a healthy approach to the citizens and the environment to mark the sustainability and promotion of organic food by selling fresh picked fruits, vegetables and quality crops.

Featuring organically grown fruits and vegetables, we offer friendly style of natural food retailing with no artificial colors and no artificial flavorings. In connection, we are proud that our efforts will help fuel the increase in demand for natural food in Southern California, thus, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

It is also our goal to offer our customers a healthy atmosphere by entertainment. Each event features a musical entertainment with a well provided relaxing place to stay a while and a display of assorted art crafts made by local citizens.